Why am I blogging?

¿quién no se lo ha preguntado?

Stories from home

9-27-13 sunrise4

I’ve been asking myself that question lately? This isn’t a reveal-type post about the benefits of blogging – it’s just me saying out loud (or at least in writing) something I’ve been contemplating recently. While I firmly believe that it’s always good to reflect and wonder why we do anything… I also don’t have an answer to my own question this time. It’s kind of ironic that I don’t have the mojo to create a blog post about why I don’t have the mojo to write a blog post, eh?

9-27-13 sunrise1

As I work through this… here are a few iPhone pix from this morning’s walk with Oliver. As we approached the still darkened fairways of the golf course, the pre-dawn light looked primed to put on a show. I’ve learned to recognize the potential those slits in the clouds near the horizon offer at this time of day, but I’ve…

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